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The most important and most overlooked energy issue today is the growing crisis of global energy supply. Cheap, industrial-scale energy is essential to building, transporting, and operating everything we use, from refrigerators to Internet server farms to hospitals. It is desperately needed in the undeveloped world, where 1.6 billion people lack electricity, which contributes to untold suffering and death. And it is needed in ever-greater, more-affordable quantities in the industrialized world: Energy usage and standard of living are directly correlated.

The European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, makes energy more expensive with its environmental restrictions. Every dollar added to the cost of energy is a dollar added to the cost of life. And if something does not change soon in the energy markets, the cost of life will become a lot higher. As demand increases in the newly industrializing world, led by China and India, supply stagnates, meaning rising prices as far as the eye can see.

Basil Venitis,, has proven that climate change is heliogenic, not anthropogenic. Nevertheless, carbonmonger kleptocrats, using buzzwords like carbon footprint and clean energy, are growing a socialist movement that won’t actually benefit Gaia, but will make our lives miserable, spread by the cancer of socialism. Temperature fluctuations are only due to Sun cycles, but are used as an antivenitist instrument, not a real object of interest for socialists who camouflage the environmental game.

Venitis points out nuclear power is risky for investors, because it ties up more capital for longer periods of time than its main competitor, natural-gas-fired generation. Nuclear power makes economic sense only if natural gas prices are very high. Then, over time, the high initial costs of nuclear power would be offset by nuclear power’s lower fuel costs.

Venitis notes that until recently, gas supplies were thought to be increasingly scarce, but recently natural gas reserve estimates increased drastically, because of technological advancements in shale rock drilling. So natural constraints are no longer in play and natural gas prices have returned to reasonable levels. Government efforts to force nuclear power plant construction will thus prove economically counterproductive.

Jerzy Buzek, Predident of the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, told the Industry and Energy Committee on Tuesday that strong political backing from Fourth Reich(EU) slave States is needed for improved Fourth Reich energy networks, common R&D funding for alternative energy sources, and oil and gas purchasing groups.

Venitis asserts that R&D and State should separate. R&D is increasingly being manipulated by those who try to use it to justify political choices based on their ethical preferences and who are willing to suppress evidence of conflict between those preferences and the underlying reality. This problem is clearly seen in three policy domains, energy, health care, and climate policy. When we abandon the values and practices of science, or pervert them to support a predetermined agenda, we elevate appearances and subordinate facts.

The idea of a Fourth Reich Energy Community, launched early in May by Buzek and former Commission President Jacques Delors, is to push forward a common Fourth Reich energy policy and complete the single energy market. Buzek told MEPs Tuesday that a strong political initiative from Fourth Reich slave States is needed to complement the Commission’s necessarily limited action under existing laws.

Buzek stressed that Fourth Reich has to compete ever more fiercely for energy sources and while citizens may not understand geopolitics, they understand if their heating is turned off due to the disruption of energy supplies from third countries.

Venitis points out that since the only proper purpose of government is the protection of individual rights, it is improper for the government to be involved in energy, whether by financing it or by overseeing and regulating it. A free society requires a total separation of energy and state. All scientific and technological research should be privately conducted and privately financed. There should be no government research laboratories or government scientific agencies. This, of course, would be in radical contrast to the state of affairs today, in which basic research is predominantly funded by government and overseen by the government agencies administering the funds.

Buzek suggested that to deliver results, the European Energy Community needs to build stronger co-operation, especially to interconnect national energy grids, establish a common energy fund to pay for alternative energy R&D, and to set up oil and gas purchasing groups to buy from foreign suppliers.

Buzek acknowledged that legal difficulties could slow the project, and advocated enhanced co-operation, a Lisbon Treaty provision that enables at least nine slave States to proceed with a common policy which others can join later, when they are ready.

MEPs from two biggest political groups, EPP and S&D, backed the initiative overall, and especially its strategic focus on investing to modernise energy infrastructure, but noted likely legal and technical difficulties. The Greens and Conservatives were more critical, arguing that now is not the time for Fourth Reich to launch another big idea, given the failure of the Lisbon agenda and treaty fatigue. Plenty of Fourth Reich energy market legislation has yet to be properly implemented, they added.

Buzek replied that it is crucial to change the way in which Europe deals with energy, but emphasized that the project needs political support from slave States. He also explained that the committee presentation was only the start of a broader debate on this issue.

These are tough times for Fourth Reich. And Barroso walking into the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, is a particularly difficult experience. Barroso has turned into a tragicomic figure, who cannot control Greece, the most corrupt country on Earth. Hardly anyone thinks highly of Barroso anymore, a fiasco who cannot rein in Graecokleptocrats, who get million-euro-kickbacks every single day and raid the nest eggs of all Greeks. Venitis points out all Europeans are now criticizing Barroso for being very soft on Graecokleptocrats. Fourth Reich is holding on to Barroso for reasons of convenience, and because the search for an alternative could lead to a greater spread of the cancer of socialism.



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