Eurokleptocrats meeting in Brussels on 17 June adopted Fourth Reich 2020, a stupid 10-year strategy for jobs and growth which will promote the delivery of structural pseudoreforms. At the junket of the European Council they also reaffirmed the determination to ensure fiscal sustainability, confirmed the commitment to ensure financial stability and agreed on the need to reinforce the coordination of economic policies.

Durao Barroso points out that as regards to Fourth Reich 2020, with its five quantified headline targets, the slave states will over the coming months discuss how specific policies can be mobilised to unlock the growth potential of Fourth Reich(EU), starting with innovation and energy policies. Investment in research and development could be raised to 3% of GDP.

Haiku Herman, President of European Council, asserts the necessary reforms of the regulation of financial services must be completed urgently. Eurokleptocrats priority is to have a solid and healthy banking system. In order to ensure the resilience and transparency of banks, the results of stress tests by banking supervisors will be published in the second half of July at the latest.

Zapatero, President of Consilium, points out the European Council also agreed that member states should set up levies on financial institutions to ensure fair burden-sharing in the case of a crisis. At the forthcoming G20 junket in Toronto, Fourth Reich will propose introducing such schemes at the global level. The modern European welfare kleptocratic state has proven unsustainable. From Greece to Portugal, European countries are slashing social welfare benefits, raising the retirement age, and dismantling government bureaucracies and kleptocrat networks. Europe is learning that you can’t forever rob Peter in order to pay Paul.

The cost of government regulation is truly staggering; it is also a barometer of how free we are to pursue our own interests and to determine the course of our own lives. Basil Venitis estimates the cost of regulations to be one trillion dollars in USA and two trillion euros in Fourth Reich(EU) every year. Financial costs are not the only burden. Regulations also result in a tremendous loss of one of our most valuable and limited resources, time. Venitis estimates the private sector is spending over 10 billion hours a year just to meet government paperwork demands in USA, and 20 billion hours in Fourth Reich. It is no wonder that regulation discourages the creation of new businesses, new jobs, new products, and new services. Starve the beast by fighting taxes.

Eurokleptocrats stated that Iceland meets the political criteria for joining Fourth Reich and decided that membership talks should be opened. As regards the enlargement of the eurozone, Estonia fulfils all convergence requirements and should be ready to adopt the common currency on 1 January 2011. But terrorist Turkey should not even think of joining Fourth Reich!

Venitis,, asserts that VAT and kleptocracy are two good reasons to secede from Fourth Reich(EU) now. Vatstruck Fourthreichians are looking for a Moses to liberate them from the yoke of Brussels. They have to do it now, before a new imposed treaty between Eurokleptocrats tie their hands forever. Californians and Texans want to secede from USA, but Uncle Sam does not allow it. The same thing might happen with Britons and Greeks. Infinite infinitesimal amendments to treaties might accumulate over time, leading to huge changes of original intent, enslaving all Fourthreichians to antivenitist Brussels forever! You could have Basil Venitis speak at your conference via



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