By Basil Venitis
No does not mean Yes, Maybe, or Po! No means No! Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, appearing before parliament in Dublin, announced October 2, the date for his country’s new European Union treaty referendum. All other Europeans are not allowed to vote! Basil Venitis considers the European Union null and void confederation, because Europeans did not vote for any constitutional treaty! Despite voters refusing to give Brussels any more power, the unelected antivenitist Eurokleptocrats are trying to pull off the biggest power grab in history by imposing a camouflaged constitution, bypassing all nonos. We demand every EU slave State to hold a referendum on any EU constitutional treaty.

The decision-making in the Eldorado of Underworld(EU) is becoming increasingly distant from Europeans. Cowen recommends to the government that rabble-rousers hoodwink the people to seek their approval for Ireland to ratify this miserable treaty. Venitis points out that every democracy is eventually hijacked by rabble-rousers, pullpeddlers, clans of kleptocrats, bumptious bugaboos, busybodies, butterbabies, nabobs of nepotism, cranks of cronyism, pusillanimous pussyfooters, riffraffs of rascals, socialist sophists, and Machiavellian Mafiosi. Democracy tends to kleptocracy. Venitism should replace democracy.

The Lisbon Treaty of the Eldorado of Underworld is dead, because it was rejected in a referendum in one of the slave states. No means No! Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court, based in the western city of Karlsruhe, said enough is enough! Karlsruhe drew a line in the sand separating Brussels’ power from its own. The primary responsibility for integration is now in the hands of the national constitutional bodies which act on behalf of the peoples. National parliaments are the true paragons of democracy. In Karlsruhe’s opinion, unlike the European Parliament, aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, national parliaments don’t have a structural democratic deficit. Further steps toward integration may undermine either the slave States’ political power of action or the principle of conferral.

Abstention is the #1 party in Europe, as no vote is the best vote! 60% of Europeans abstain, showing their disgust for Eurokleptocrats.
European Union(EU), aka Eldorado of Underworld, a vampire confederation of the absurd, condones the antivenitist European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, Pasok and Nea Democratia, the two most corrupt political parties on Earth. No Graecokleptocrat has ever gone to jail! Impunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most freakish justice in the world!

The outrageous total immunity of Graecokleptocrats is the most disgusting thing on Earth! These untouchable shitscums of the Greek parliament and the Greek government rob billions of euros form the Treasury, churn billions of euros of the nest eggs and pension funds of poor workers, grant valuable public land to gay monasteries in exchange for huge kickbacks, receive billion-euro-kickbacks for purchasing arms from US and Russia, and receive billion-euro-kickbacks from Siemens, JPMorgan, Man, and other corrupt companies in exchange for lucrative contracts, elimination of antitrust penalties, and purchasing overpriced defective equipmemt, airplanes that cannot balance, and helicopters that fall down!

Eurokleptocracy’s motto: est pro vestri own beneficium: it’s for your own good. Cowen stressed the concessions that Ireland had won at the Eldorado of Underworld at a summit in Brussels last month in his endorsement of the treaty. But Vaclav Klaus, President of the Cazech Republic, declares these concessions changed the Lisbon Treaty, and all slave States have to start over again the painful procedure of ratifying the modified treaty again!

Venitis asserts that the hateful Lisbon Treaty deteriorates the character of Europe! Plato and Aristotle asserted that different regimes produce different types of human beings, and regimes ought to be judged by the character of their citizens. In Europe, the growth of interventionist welfare state has damaged personal responsibility and integrity, fostered dependence, undermined families, rejected venitism, and promoted corruption. Especially in Greece, the most corrupt country on Earth, Graecokleptocracy is accepted as a normal thing, and most Greeks rely on graft, sinecures, cheating, incivility, cacodemony, cancer of socialism, jingoism, religionism, lies, and kickbacks. The character of modern Greece of Caramanlis and Papandreou is the opposite of the character of ancient Greece of Plato and Aristotle.

No European is safe while the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, is in session. European integration may not result in the system of democratic rule in slave States being undermined. People aren’t talking about a unified Europe anymore. Nowadays, you’re much more likely to hear people talking about a Europe of slave States. Germany’s chancellor won’t be able to boss new slave States around anymore and to tell them where they stand in the pecking order when it comes to EU politics. For years, Germany has been viewed as an overzealous motor for integration, who bullied its partners into forfeiting the sovereignty that some of them had actually just won for themselves. True democracy lies in the countries themselves.

Ask not what you can do for EU; ask what Eurokleptocracy is doing to you. Ireland was granted assurances that it would retain control over tax policy and family law, would be awarded one Eurocommissar, as well as maintaining its longtime military neutrality. This changed the Lisbon Treaty, pure and simple! Venitis asserts the only purpose of a constitution is to protect citizens from government abuse. Reform treaties of a confederation not voted by the citizens are null and void.

Europe is an unruly undemocratic monster. European Union(EU), aka Eldorado of Underworld, is not a truly united entity and that, as a result, Karlsruhe has put the kibosh on the future United Slave States of Europe. Karlsruhe anchors Europe’s power a bit more securely in its capital cities. In the past several years, European power has in fact been largely concentrated in the capital cities.

For the French-German Axis, it ultimately didn’t matter who, within their ranks, happened to be playing the role of president of the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption. But now Karlsruhe has literally barred them from giving up even the tiniest portion of that power. National parliaments have affectionately been annointed the true refuge of democracy. The parliamentarians could use that type of encouragement. It does their souls some good after all the abuse they’ve gotten from the grand coalition.

EU cannot make Europeans richer, but it can make them miserable.
Cowen hopes the concessions he won will be enough to fool the heroic Irish people. Cowen believes the concerns of Irish Eurosceptics have been addressed now in the shape of legal pseudo guarantees, a masterpiece of spin and hoodwink! Irish voters threw the Lisbon Treaty approval process into disarray on June 5, 2008, when 54.4% cast ballots against it. Next October 2, the result may be different.
Recent polls show the bias of voters for and against the treaty has reversed since the time of last year’s referendum.

The Lisbon Treaty transforms EU to the United Socialist Slave States of Europe. That’s why Eurokleptocrats refuse a referendum. Revolt!
Individual liberty and self-reliance runs deep, in spite of the increasing nanny state tendencies that kleptocrats have been gradually shoving down our throats. It is sad to see kleptocrats seeking to completely replace the voluntary protections through families and charities that we have relied on throughout our history.

Things in Europe run in spite of EU, not because of EU. Especially disturbing is the rhetoric of community and interdependence being employed by the administration to institute government as the great middle man for all healthcare and charity for which all citizens must dutifully sacrifice. This trend is not improving quality of life for Americans, but instead is greatly enriching kleptocrats that take kickbacks of all transactions in the welfare state. There still remains much resistance to cradle to grave government dependence and control.

Moreover, the popular movement which fuelled the No vote campaign, funded by Libertas party founder and millionaire entrepreneur, Declan Ganley, appears to have petered out. Libertas was dealt a crushing defeat in Ireland’s recent European Parliament elections, Ganley announced his withdrawal from politics, and remaining Libertas leaders have since come out in favour of the Lisbon treaty.

Libertas is proud of what its supporters and volunteers have achieved in just a short few months. They took on the enormous challenge of being the first pan-European party and succeeded in fielding over 500 candidates and creating a people’s movement across the Eldorado of Underworld. Libertas message of democracy, accountability, and transparency has resonated not only amongst the people who came out to vote Libertas but also amongst the political establishments nationally and in Brussels. And while Libertas fans are disappointed with the overall results across the Eldorado of Underworld, their message remains relevant and important and they urge all newly elected Members of the European Parliament to take action in reforming Brussels.

Still, Ireland’s kleptocrats are not sure they’ve convinced the voters. It’s the anthropophagous Eurokleptocracy, sacrificial victim! Venitis asserts that parliaments should be abolished, because they continuously create laws that enslave citizens, constraint economic activity, loot producers, reward drones, and encourage political corruption. The most efficient political system is venitism, where everything is private, there are no taxes at all, there is no parliament, and a powerless infinitesimal government is chosen and supported not by hoi polloi, but by the most generous benefactors.

The urge to save Europeans is always a false front for Eurokleptocracy. Edna Kenny, leader of the opposition Fine Gael party, which supports the treaty, does not underestimate the strength of feeling of confusion that is out there. Kenny is not in any way led by opinion polls at this stage which indicate this is just an exercise to be gone through. Fine Gael, along with Prime Minister Brian Cowen’s ruling Fianna Fail party, both plan to take the case for Lisbon to the voters more strongly, ahead of the October 2 vote.

Venitis has proven that Eurokleptocracy, gigaregulation, and gigataxation, especially VAT, are the real causes of the European financial meltdown. Democracy in Europe has deteriorated to kleptocracy, and Europeans are mad as hell. The European Court of Auditors(ECA) refuses to issue a Declaration of Assurance(DAS) of the fraudulent EU budget for the fifteenth consecutive year! There is a major armed revolt of Europeans against antivenitist Eurokleptocrats, which will not end until all Eurokleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, are hanged in front of the parliaments!

Athens, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Salonica, and many other European cities are on rule of gangs, molotovs, anarchy, kristallnacht, hooded terror, and pandemonium. Siemens and JPMorgan, the two most corrupt companies on Earth, refuse to name all antivenitist Eurokleptocrats, especially Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth, who got billion-euro-kickbacks, in omerta cahoots with primeministers, perjurers, and crooked judges. Venitists call all people to boycott Siemens and JPMorgan.

Venitis notes the relationship of the Eldorado of Underworld(EU) to its slave States can be fairly described as synergy in kleptocracy! When Greece joined EU in 1981, Greeks hoped EU could control Graecokleptocracy. Instead, to their horror and great disappointment, they saw EU encouraging Graecokleptocracy and imposing the hateful VAT on poor Greeks. Graecokleptocracy fully resonates with Eurokleptocracy! All Eurokleptocrats now emulate Pasokleptocrats and Neodemokleptorats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth!

Vatmonger Emperor Barroso of the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, is in cahoots with antivenitist Graecokleptocrats, to completely enslave Greeks to Brussels, and yoke poor Greeks with VAT. EU, a Theater of the Absurd, brought no catharsis, but a new layer of vatpachyderm kleptocracy, climaxed with the JPMorgan scandal and the Siemens scandal! The new EU treaty under consideration is just an ergonomy of Eurokleptocracy! Euroslumdogs of Emperor Barroso here we come!



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