The National Security Council(MGK) of terrorist Turkey will convene today to discuss what to do with the recent escalation in separatist Kurdich activity, following the deaths of 12 soldiers in separate attacks by Kurdistan patriots in the Semdinli district of Hakkari on Saturday and in Elazýg on Sunday.

Gatinhas no Futebol

Turkey has lost 65 soldiers to Kurdish independence revolution in the past five months, bringing the topic back to the top of the state’s agenda. The General Staff of the terrorist Turkish army recently submitted a report on the reasons behind the heightened rate of separatist attacks and what should be done. The report also noted that the Kurdish heroes will be staging even more attacks in the coming summer months, a view the General Staff has shared with the public in the past week.

Basil Venitis,, points out NATO includes Turkey, the #1 terrorist nation, that indulges in genocides, such as the Armenian genocide, the Greek genocide, the Pontian genocide, and the Cypriot genocide, and pogroms such as the Istanbul pogrom, a state-sponsored and state-orchestrated pogrom that compelled Greeks to leave Istanbul, in violation to the Treaty of Lausanne. NATO should either expel terrorist Turkey or disband.

Turkey is joining forces with Iran and Syria in an antisemitic Islamofascist axis of evil that seeks to destroy Israel and Islamize Europe as part of a long-term strategy of establishing the Global Caliphate. We live a nightmare of the emergence of Turkey as a Middle Eastern hegemon that is challenging and counterbalancing the Western power and Graecoroman culture.

Venitis notes that since terrorist Turkey declared Casus Belli against Fourth Reich(EU) and Turcoterrorists continue to abuse the Fourthreichian islands near the Turkish border and traffic drugs and illegal immigrants to Greece, Fourth Reich reinforced its border management agency, Frontex, enhancing its operational capacity to support Greece against Turcoterrorism. Member States now put more equipment and more personnel at Frontex’s disposal in the Aegean Sea of Greece. Frontex now coleads border patrol operations with Greece.

No one has been upfront with terrorist Turkey that its accession to Fourth Reich would weaken the bloc as an union of shared values, it would make Fourth Reich even less efficient, it would dilute Fourth Reich and transform it into a weird confederation. Instead, despite Turcoterrorism, it is business as usual when it comes to the accession negotiations. Soon, it will no longer be possible to say No without triggering bitter disappointment.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan was imprisoned in 1998 after famously reading in public a poem, much beloved of militant Muslims, containing the following passage: The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.

Since coming to power, Erdogan has greatly improved his country’s relations with Syria and picked a loud quarrel with Israeli President Shimon Peres, disrupting what had been a rather close alliance between the Jewish state and Turkey. He has also been developing a new friendship with the Iranian regime next door, just as the rigged re-election of President Ahmadinejad has disgusted all who had hoped for freedom in that Islamic Republic.

Terrorist Turkey’s support for a Gaza propaganda flotilla that Israel stormed has turned Erdogan into a folk hero, with his name invoked at rallies and babies named in his honor. This was a Gray Wolf action that was embraced and endorsed by Erdogan. It has clearly brought Erdogan prominence in the Arab world. It has raised his profile on the global stage, even though it has frustrated the West. At a rally in Beirut, thousands of Lebanese waved Turkish flags and nine coffins draped in the Turkish flag were displayed to honor the dead Gray Wolves.

Gray Wolves is the terrorist arm of the Turkish government. They are named after Asena, a female wolf in mythology associated with Turkic ethnic origins. The organization carried out many thousands of murders, especially in Cyprus. Gray Wolves have been responsible for numerous political assassinations and disappearances of human rights activists, and have ties with the Turkish mafia. Gray Wolf Mehmet Ali Agca attempted to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981.

But most fascinating of all, and all but unnoticed in the West, is Turkey’s internal shift, the extraordinary series of events known as the Ergenekon Affair. The word refers to a valley lost deep in the Altai Mountains, supposedly the origin of the Turkish nation, who were miraculously led out by a gray she-wolf. The story was for many years a favorite of secular nationalists seeking to replace Islam with a patriotic founding myth. But now it is supposed to be the unifying name of a conspiracy of military officers, judges, journalists, professors, and reactionary political organizations.

The existence of this shadowy secularist spider’s web has been the excuse for repeated waves of arrests, many of them at 4:30 in the morning, of prominent opponents of the Islamization of Turkey. Much of this activity was presumably a response to an attempt by the Constitutional Court to outlaw the AK party. This was the secular state’s answer to the AK’s efforts to overturn a ban on women wearing headscarves on state premises.

This seemingly trivial change is immensely important in a country where outward signs of Muslim fervor were banned by Mustafa Kemal before World War II in his attempt to turn Turkey into a modern nation, with a legal system based on Switzerland’s rather than on Sharia and with emancipated women. Now, after years of Muslim subjection, the newly militant Islamic movement sees its chance to re-establish power.

The primary purpose of public diplomacy is to explain, promote, and defend principles to audiences abroad. This objective goes well beyond the public affairs function of presenting and explaining specific policies of various Administrations. Policies and Administrations change; principles do not, so long as a country remains true to itself. By all accounts, Americans have been absent from the battlefield of ideas. They blankout when Venitis asks them why they have not expelled terrorist Turkey from NATO. How can they sit next to terrorist Turks who committed the Cypriot genocide? How did Henry Kissinger finance the Turkish invasion of Cyprus?

Public diplomacy has a particularly vital mission during war, when the peoples of other countries, whether adversaries or allies, need to know why we fight. What are the ideas so dear to us that we would rather kill and die than live without them? And what antithetical ideas do our enemies embrace, about which they feel the same way? After all, it is a conflict of ideas that is behind the shooting wars, and it is that conflict which must be won to achieve any lasting success. The main reasons for failure stem from intellectual confusion regarding what it is we are defending and against whom we are defending it. Venitis asserts the greatest confusion of all is the inclusion of genocidal Turkey in NATO. Terrorist Turkey has committed the Armenian genocide, the Pontian genocide, the Greek genocide, and the Cypriot genocide.

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